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RedHot Dateline Chatline - Frequently Asked Questions - Free Trials

Yes, as long as you're calling from a digital cell phone, you can get a free trial. If your cell phone does not show its number on call display, you can try to dial *82 before dialing your local number.

No, you can only use your free trial account from the phone you used to sign up for the trial. New free trial accounts will not be issued to a phone number that has previously been issued one.

Your free trial may not work if: 1) Someone has already used a free trial from this number before. 2) The system cannot read your phone number on call display . You can try to dial *82 to display your phone number. 3) There is no time left in the membership. 4) It has been more than 7 days since your free trial was issued.

You must be calling from the phone number used to set up the trial, or it may be that someone has used a free trial from this phone number before.

There are two factors which influence issuing a free trial: 1) Your phone number must show up on call display 2) A free trial must not already have been issued to your phone number.